The health and safety of our students, parents, staff, and volunteers is Park Forest Preschool’s top priority. PFP will follow the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and PA Department of Education – OCDEL guidelines for best practices to decrease the spread of the virus.

As long as there are cases of COVID-19 in our community, there are no strategies that can eliminate transmission risk within a school population. However, our goal is to keep students as safe as possible while at school.  The Park Forest Preschool Health and Safety Plan was developed by our health committee in consultation with community health professionals and the board of directors.

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Policies and Procedures (updated August 2022)

COVID-19 Parent /Guardian Agreement with Park Forest Preschool

Parent Daily Student Health Screening

Student Arrival and Health Screening on Brightwheel

Orientation and Logistics of Daily Schedule

Face Coverings or Masks

Food Preparation and Meal Service

Cleaning and Sanitation

Child becomes sick at school and return to school


Sick Leave and Return to School

Household Member of a Student becomes Symptomatic or Tests Positive

Employee & Volunteer COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Employee – Volunteer COVID-19 Agreement

Employee Sick Leave and Return to Park Forest Preschool