The Park Forest Preschool is preparing to open for in-person classes in September. Our plans are subject to change and will follow the State College Area School District’s calendar unless the State Department of Health dictates differently.

As long as there are cases of COVID-19 in our community, there are no strategies that can eliminate transmission risk within a school population. However, our goal is to keep students as safe as possible while at school. All school activities will be informed by Governor Wolf’s Process to Reopen Pennsylvania. The administration has categorized reopening into three broad phases: red, yellow, or green. In the red phase, schools must remain closed for in-person instruction and instruction may be provided via remote instruction. In the yellow and green phases, schools may provide in-person instruction after developing a written Health and Safety Plan, to be approved by the board of directors and posted on the school website.

The Park Forest Preschool Health and Safety Plan was developed by our health and reopening committee in consultation with community health professionals and the board of directors. The plan is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the PA Department of Education and the PA Association of Early Childhood Education and includes the following policies and procedures. Click on any policy for a viewable and downloadable PDF file.

Policies and Procedures (approved August 28, 2020)

Daily Arrival and Health Screenings

When a Child Becomes Sick while at School

Face Coverings or Masks – updated 9/3/20

Food Preparation and Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation

Orientation and Logistics of Daily Schedule

Sick Leave and Return to School

When a Household Member Becomes Symptomatic or Tests Positive

Parent Agreement with Park Forest Preschool

Daily Student Health Screening Questions for Parents

We look forward to creating a safe environment for our children as we welcome them to school this fall.