Vision Statement:

Our dream is that every child has access to a high quality, positive early childhood educational experience, so that they are prepared for success in their future.


Mission Statement:

The Park Forest Preschool is a tuition-free program for qualifying families that prepares children for kindergarten success by promoting cognitive, social emotional, and physical growth in a diverse and nurturing environment. Parent programs are offered to support our families.


Value Statements:

Learning: We value learning, from the youngest 2-year-old student to the more mature staff, volunteers and board members.

Respect: We strive to be empathetic and deeply respectful of the families and children we serve as well as every staff, volunteer and board member.

Integrity: We are honest, ethical, fair and trustworthy.

Quality: We seek to build kind and caring interpersonal relationships and offer high quality early education learning opportunities.

Collaborate:  Be a passionate team player.

Diversity: We all learn more, when we work and play with people with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds.

Personal Accountability:  Be the change you want to see and have fun doing it!